In Darla’s constant quest for ever more unique and comfortable ring shapes, view her latest “Slanttop” styles. These rings feature a semi-round bottom band with a slanted top. The angles allow for a comfort fit and negates the “sliding around” effect of a round ring. The ring takes up less space between your fingers. Your Gemstone stays upright - in place! Sizes are approximate due to irregular band shape. I have many more lovely Gemstones if you would like me to create a ring just for you! Please allow time for making your custom, original jewelry, normal time frame of six weeks.

Click on images for more information. Items subject to availability.

Please visit us often as we will be updating our website continually as our inventory changes and new pieces are created.

Style #1 has a smooth glossy band in a sterling silver, with 14 kt. y. gold wire-textured solid sheet detail on the slant.

Style #2 is the same band shape with all-over double-pass wire-pattern texture. Slant features 14 kt.y.g. solid triangle.

SOLD $298    Size 6
#1 -Amethyst 
6x12mm Marquiseslttop_1_amethyst.html
SOLD $388    Size 8 1/2
#1 - Bi-color Blue/Green Topaz, horiz. 6x12mm Marquise
SOLD  $375    Size 7
#2 - Kashmir Topaz 
8x8mm Antique cushion cut, facetedslttop_2_kash_top.html
SOLD $388    Size 6 1/2
#2 - Bi-color Blue/Green Topaz, vert 6x12mm Marquise
SOLD  $358   Size 8 1/2
#2 -Amethyst 
6x12mm Marquise
$298    Size 7 1/2
#1 -Smoky Quartz 
10mm Roundslttp_1_s_quartz.html
$298    Size 9 1/2
#2 - Smoky Quartz 
10mm Roundslttp_2_s_quartz.html
$375    Size 9 1/2
#2 - Citrine 
7x9 Antique Cushionslttp_2_citrine.html

Similar gemstones may be available for similar custom orders if item is SOLD. Email for Gemstone availability.